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    We believe that our customers need specialist focus and expertise in order to find and keep the best people. To achieve this our divisions and teams are structured in such a way that both recruitment and research functions have specialist industry knowledge. When you register with us as a candidate you will work with a specialist in your functional area, someone who knows your market, is passionate about it and knows your next potential employer. As a client you will work with a recruiter who specialises in your company’s categories and your functional so that they understand your business, your sector and what you’re looking for. Our research division is unique in the industry. They focus solely on market mapping and candidate market research, engaging with passive talent to assess and understand their career drivers, ambitions, culture fit and ability. This means we can then match candidates and clients not just by experience but by culture fit as well, using highly targeted searches that deliver candidates that are interested in your company, career opportunities and who are motivated to join your business.

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