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Pen Transfer Operatives

Laila's Fine Foods
Post Date: 06/07/2018
End Date:  09/07/2018
Recruiter: Laila's Fine Foods
Location: Bispham, Lancashire North West England
Salary: Unspecified
Job category: Production & Manufacturing
Employment type: Full time
Employer or agency: Direct Employer
Job role: Pen Transfer Operatives
Job reference: PTO24082017

Main Responsibilities:

To ensure all products are transferred and stored into the High Care area within set parameters which include ensuring required weights, product specifications, storage temperatures.

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Key Accountabilities:

  • Working within the Pen transfer area on shift to ensure the area operates to fulfil the following requirements;
  • Ensure all products transferred from the Kitchen area are to the correct product specification. Report any quality issues immediately to the Pen Transfer Supervisor or Quality Manager or a Manager of the business.
  • Ensure that all products are at the required temperature for transfer and are stored correctly. All products stored in the food chill must be labelled with the production date, product name, and BB date.
  • All products must be covered whilst being stored in the chillers.
  • Ensure all pan handles are sanitised prior to transfer to the Hot Room.
  • Ensure all products transferred into the Pen are accurately weighed and recorded. Any variances in weights required for production must be reported to the Pen Transfer Supervisor or a Manager of the business
  • Ensure all products are stored at the correct temperatures whether in the chiller or Hot Room. Ensure that all Critical Control Points are strictly adhered to. Report any anomalies immediately to the Pen Transfer Supervisor or Manager of the business.
  • No products should be stored in the Pen Area. All products must be stored in the appropriate storage areas i.e. Hot Room, Chiller or Blast.
  • Ensure all products are labelled correctly and weighed accurately. All transferred products must have the weights recorded on the appropriate forms. Any anomalies must be reported to a Manager of the business immediately as any shortfalls can have a detrimental effect on the day's production.
  • Liaising with the Kitchen Manager/ Shift Manager/ High Care Supervisor to ensure the correct amount of product is ready to go to the line prior to the production run commencing. Liaise with the Kitchen Manager to ensure additional products are ordered in a timely manner to ensure continuity of Production runs.
  • Liaise with the High Risk Supervisor/ Shift Manager/ High Care Supervisor to decide and determine order of additional products if required to maximise operational efficiency of the High Risk area and to minimise Production costs.
  • Ensure any products prepared in the Pen area are done in accordance with product specifications. All mash should be made in good time before going to line so that the correct temperature for portioning can be obtained before going to line.
  • Mash machine Must be thoroughly cleaned down after 3 mixes.
  • Ensure all Company documentation is correctly completed in accordance with Operating Procedures including Product Passports, Transfer Documents, Stock Reports, Preparation Completion Sheets, Spice Room Completion Sheets, Fridge Temperature checks.
  • No product must be transferred from the Kitchen unless the relevant Passport has been received and has been completed and signed off by either the Kitchen Manager or Supervisor as authorised for transfer.
  • Compile and deliver stock report from chillers directly relating to the area on a daily basis. These stock reports must be completed daily and given to Nazir, Executive Director at the end of the shift.
  • All Wastage must be recorded. Do not destroy any product (wastage) without the permission of a Manager of the business
  • Maintain a positive working environment at all times.
  • Report any production issues, stock shortages in a timely manner to a Manager.
  • Carry out any other reasonable business request as and when instructed to do so.

General Accountabilities:

  • Ensure staffing levels are maintained within the labour model.
  • Report any staffing issues to the HR Manager.
  • Ensure the effective use of Labour at all times to minimise labour costs.
  • Ensure all staff are trained fully in Operating Procedures, Standard Operating procedures and Risk Assessments.
  • Ensure the Production area is operated in accordance with Health and Safety requirements.
  • Ensure all Production areas are maintained and cleaned to the highest level of Hygiene standards.
  • Report any mechanical breakdowns immediately to the Factory Manager and Engineering Department to minimise production downtime.

Job Requirement

A stong work ethic and aspirations to develop a career in the food industry

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